About Us

Grades 7-12


We are currently accepting students in grades 7-10 for the 2017/18 school year.
Primary reasons students enroll in SAHQ Academy.

* Student is motivated through sports
* Student needs a break from the traditional school setting
* Student benefits from strong relationships and encouragement
* Student needs more of a challenge
* Student needs more personal attention
* Student requires more help than can be provided in a traditional classroom
* Student needs an alternative to the current school that they are assigned
* Student desires an opportunity to accelerate learning / early college opportunities
* Student needs to recover credits
* Student needs a personalized schedule
* Student needs a stronger accountability structure
* Student is training to improve college placement opportunities through sports

The ultimate goal of a SAHQ Academy student is not the diploma, but the ability to stand on their own, invest in their community and take on life as an adult. SAHQ Academy graduates are independent thinkers who are capable of pursuing the next chapter of their lives confidently and making those around them stronger