Education that meets your individual needs 

SAHQ Academy is a team based, blended school that combines face to face and digital instruction with experiential and project based learning, infused with high dosage tutoring.  We treat each student as a unique individual and provide an education that challenges them to be the best they are capable of becoming.

Individualized Instruction

Students and their stakeholders develop a course map based on graduation requirements and personal goals.  Online classes, electives, projects, small groups and sports training are scheduled to build a student’s capacity and set them on a path for success.  Aided by technology, each student’s progress is monitored on a daily basis by their Success Coach, teachers and parents to ensure proper pace and performance.

Minimum Acceptable Standard

Based on a student’s goals and past performance, a Minimum Acceptable Standard is set for each course.  For example, if a student is capable of getting a “B” or higher, they must perform at this level or repeat the lesson.  If a student aspires to attend an elite college, their performance minimums are set accordingly. As athletes know, you don’t show up to be mediocre, you practice to achieve excellence.  We apply this same concept in the classroom as well.

Access to Coursework

Foundational Coursework is available to the students 24/7/365 on any connected device with activity and performance monitored by the student’s accountability team.  Small, dynamically grouped classes ensure students who struggle and students who excel are provided with the instruction and challenges they require and deserve.

Blended Curriculum

SAHQ Academy utilizes online coursework, team based projects and face to face instruction to maximize efficiency and support content mastery. Students take most of their core courses online and are paced to ensure on time graduation.  Students are supported by teachers who monitor their progress daily and evaluate strengths and weaknesses. In response to this evaluation, students are dynamically grouped for face to face instruction,with others whe have similar needs.  Master classes are developed for advanced students and college dual credit courses are encouraged. Project based and experiential learning is integrated into the schedule with required group assignments each semester. Sports science lab, fitness, performance training and nutrition are built into the culture of the school and are required electives.

Mastery Based Learning

Each student moves through coursework independently, paced for on-time graduation. Students cannot advance without passing each segment, and may complete a course in more or less than 1 year.  A student’s advancement is always monitored by a certified teacher.

Flexible Schedule

Students are required to be on campus for direct instruction and supported online study  with team huddles and performance training scheduled daily. A substantial amount of independent study is required to stay on pace and if a student falls behind, they are required to attend school on Saturday morning. Although we follow a traditional school calendar, SAHQ Academy is open year round and on weekends to support student learning.

School Day

SAHQ Academy is not an open campus and students must check in and out. Our school day is from 8:00 am – 4:00 pm Monday – Thursday and from 8:00 am – Noon on Friday. Parents may enroll in a program that allows their student to be on campus before and after school.

The more on task a student is, the more freedom they have to create a schedule that works for them, within the framework of our school day and course requirements. For those who fall behind, additional support is required, including Saturdays.

A typical SAHQ Academy student’s personalized schedule includes core academics, applied learning projects, performance training, sports science, dual credit and peer to peer tutoring.

All charter school students may participate in sports, ROTC, band etc at a district school, including “7th period”. Participation in an NMAA sport counts as a students PE requirement and any class taken at the district school is transcripted at SAHQ Academy.