Student life

I am somebody
I was somebody when I came and will be a better somebody when I leave
I will make those around me stronger
I am powerful and deserve the education that I get here
I train hard, study hard and invest in my team
I have things to do, people to impress and places to go
I am SAHQ strong!

We approach each student as an individual, creating the best learning environment and support system possible to ensure each one has the tools they need to be successful.

ExposeHow well do you know the basics? Coursework includes online learning, digital tools and face to face instruction to insure that you have a good grasp of the fundamentals. This ensures your gaps are filled and you have a strong foundation to support more difficult concepts. We want you to be confident of your abilities when you move onto the next level. No one can progress through a class section without demonstrating proficiency, and if you are having a difficult time understanding something, the teachers are there to help. No one gets left behind and if you get it, you can keep moving at your pace.

SupportYou matter! What do you need as an individual to learn? Do you need extra time with a teacher to explain things? Do you need more challenging work? Do you need to study something that interests you? Do you need a schedule the fits your life or learning style? We have built a system to help you as an individual through high dosage tutoring, small group topical supports, master classes and labs. We want to go beyond the basics and help you become an inspired leaner.

Experience When was the last time you studied something that inspired you? Projects help students to go beyond right or wrong test questions and allows them to dive deep into problem solving, research and idea generation as a team. It is a self directed topic that is developed into a cross-curricular project.

Create What’s next? THE QUE is an earned status at SAHQ Academy that allows you to explore what your life can be after high school. You can start taking Dual Credit College courses, apply for internships and apprenticeships, start your own entrepreneurial venture or simply have the freedom to participate in personal life enriching experiences.

Teams No one succeeds alone. Significant learning cannot take place without significant relationships. As soon as you start school you become a member of a small academic team led by a Success Coach. This team is a support system and and accountability network. Your coach will make sure you have the resources you need to be successful, mentor you and help keep you on track. Your team will help each other reach their goals, providing support, encouragement and accountability along the way. No one quits or stops trying, we get each other through.